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2x45 Just-in-Time Coaching Services

Create clarity and determine your next steps by scheduling a 1:1 business coaching appointment today.

What to expect:

  • one-on-one coaching sessions to discuss your most pressing business concern(s) so you can resolve your problem or challenge or move forward towards your goal or opportunity
  • new awareness and clarity from discussing this with a neutral and objective third-party who only wants you to succeed
  • New awareness will lead to relevant action steps.  I'll support you, and ultimately you'll choose what you're willing to do, how you're willing to do it and when you'll get your committed actions done. 


  • You'll receive access to 90-minutes of business coaching to occur within 30 days.
  • Select your preferred option
    • Two 45-minute sessions - less frequent, but longer sessions; often selected by verbose clients and those exploring deep topics or have scheduling constraints
    • Three 30-minute sessions - more frequent, but shorter sessions; often selected by those who like to work fast and want some accountability
  • We will meet via an audio and/or video call.  I will send you the scheduling link after your pay for your appointment.   

How to prepare:

  1. You'll decide the focus for each session. 
  2.  For just-in-time coaching to be effective, I'll ask you to share as much about your intended results as possible in advance (you will have access to a form to complete) and show up with an open mind so we can roll up our sleeves and get to work. 

High-level topics frequently addressed during business coaching sessions:

  • mindset matters / professional development
  • marketing
  • selling
  • overcoming fear of [ you name it :-) ]
  • delegation / outsourcing
  • time-management / self-management / productivity
  • finances / budgeting / prioritization / pricing
  • product development / course development / program development
  • social media
  • and more
  • * professionally-trained coaches also address becoming an ICF-credentialed professional coach

These just-in-time coaching sessions are priced to support you in getting things done so you can move forward!  There is no long-term commitment here, so stop hesitating and spending days or weeks trying to figure out a few things on your own.