Accelerate Your Pickleball Business Growth with
Jennifer L. Corbin,
The Pickleball Business Coach™


Work even smarter, not harder,
to simplify, automate and scale your lifestyle-friendly pickleball business. 

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Isn't it Time to Stop Struggling and Playing Small? 

  • Have a vision that others in the pickleball industry can’t see or tell you not to attempt as the market is crowded?
  • Need an objective sounding board because well-meaning family and friends just don't get it?
  • Finding it difficult to prioritize your vision in the midst of increasing demands and distractions?
  • Want to launch your online course or program but don't know where to begin? 
  • Finally willing to tackle social media marketing and building sales funnels?
  • Ready to slay your dragons?  Ready to overcome fear, doubt, confusion and overwhelm?   
  • Starting to suspect that your mindset matters (attitude, limiting beliefs, confidence, etc.)? 
  • Tired of being the best kept secret in your industry?
  • Done sitting on the sidelines comparing yourself to others who are getting it done and achieving great results?
  • Finally willing to give up the trap of perfection to avoid wasting (yet) another year to make your mark? 
  • Realize it's time to stop making excuses to yourself and others?
  • Ready to admit that your dreams will stay on the shelf if you don't take a chance and partner with a confidential, encouraging, truthful, thought-provoking, creative, problem-solving accountability partner? 

As your professional coach, I'll have your back.  We'll figure it out.  It's time to stop worrying so much and start implementing to create energy and excitement.  It's the perfect time to realize your dreams.

Yes, yes and yes! - Let's explore partnering for my success.

Benefits of Hiring Me, Your Well-Trained and Highly-Experienced Pickleball Business Coach™

Entrepreneurs and business owners partner with me to:

  • Implement strategies to stop working so hard and start working smarter
  • Create awareness around options and possibilities while recognizing blindspots, limiting beliefs and mindset traps
  • Reclaim more energy to enjoy what's most important and meaningful
  • Get current on critical projects and commitments
  • Wear fewer hats and delegate more to apps, people and systems 
  • Simplify and streamline their technology  
  • Free up time to take advantage of missed opportunities through careful values-based prioritization
  • Build a strong support team with a paid (employees, contractors, etc.) and unpaid (peers, mentors, etc.) team for quicker implementation 
  • Shift their "in and on" ratio of working on the business vs. in the business
  • Reduce and eliminate complaints from others about neglecting other priorities
  • Hold accountability for stated sales goals, perhaps with identifying daily sales priorities
  • Shift perspectives, for example from "data is boring" to "numbers are sexy"
  • Identify key performance indicators and milestones

What has been consistent over the years is that business owners have a couple of objectives in mind at the beginning and these quickly evolve and expand within the first couple of months.  You will always determine the session's agenda so we tackle your most pressing concerns while keeping an eye on the bigger picture. 

Don't confuse Professional Coaching Services with training or consulting -- I will not tell you what your highest priorities are for each scheduled private session nor will I provide you with a weekly lesson plan before our engagement even begins

TOGETHER, we will co-create each session's agenda on a just-in-time basis based on YOUR current and relevant factors.

As Your Pickleball Business Coach,  You Can Expect Me to

  • Engage with full attention and presence to discern your truth
  • Ask powerful questions to create awareness
  • Appropriately challenge you to take even more action to achieve what you want sooner rather than later
  • Check in and support you with our robust automated accountability platform outside of scheduled sessions
  • Refuse to let you give up
  • Anticipate blocks and problems
  • Advocate leveraging your preferences and strengths 
  • Bring candor to the session and reflect observations
  • Act as an objective sounding board
  • Remind you of what you've achieved and what you will achieve
  • Respect that as much as I know about you, I don't know everything that you've experienced or been taught since coming into this world
  • Educate you on how to get the most out of our professional coaching relationship
  • Observe your energy and introduce lightness and levity when conversations get heavy or energy diminishes
  • Adhere to the International Coaching Federation's Ethical Standards as indicated in our one-on-one professional coaching relationship and agreement


I'll Expect You to

  • Show up on time for each session
  • Prepare intended topics and outcomes 
  • Own the fact that you're in the driver's seat regarding topics to explore during each session 
  • Communicate effectively and candidly
  • Show up as you are -- no need to hold back or censor...
  • Discuss what's really going on - what will truly move the needle in the right direction in your business  
  • Enjoy and trust the process ("feel the fear and do it anyways")
  • Understand that I am coaching you and not your goals (and definitely not a third party)
  • Log-in to my robust Accountability Platform regularly so that you get the most out of our relationship
  • Understand that coaching is a process, not an event; the time between sessions are productive, too
  • Be prepared to determine and perhaps 'negotiate' around next steps and timelines before our next scheduled session
  • Understand that Professional Coaching is different from consulting, counseling, mentoring and/or teaching/training
  • Remember that details discussed during our sessions are confidential (However, I may have to report attendance and general themes to the coaching sponsor, if relevant)
  • Enjoy the journey
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To your continued success!  

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About Your Pickleball Business Coach™ Jennifer L. Corbin, MCC

The founder of Success In Flight, LLC, Jennifer L. Corbin, has been awarded the Master Certified Coach ("MCC") credential with the International Coach Federation.  This credential has been awarded to fewer than 5% of practicing professional coaches worldwide.

Jennifer is recognized as one of the first 300 professional coaches in the world and is well-known internationally in the coaching community as a pioneer and senior coach after flying 3,000,000 air miles around the globe fueled by a passion for professional coaching, speaking and training.

She literally wrote the book on professional coaching with 3 university-level life and corporate coaching textbooks published by John Wiley & Sons 15+ years ago that are still in print and relevant, across the globe.  She has supplemented textbooks with professional coaching process models and produced volumes of professional coaching resources which have also stood the test of time.

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